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  • Chrome Plus

    Chrome Plus

    Chrome Plus is an extremely durable composite coating that substantially extends the life of surfaces, while providing top quality mirror …

  • conagratanks-018

    Corrosion Protection

    We have a wide range of coating options to help address corrosion issues. These options include the application of corrosion …

  • smart heat

    Electrically Conductive

    Our electrically conductive coatings can be applied to: anti-static idler rollers, anti-static tanks, bins, chutes, silo coatings, and web grounding …

  • plasma-logo-PRODUCTS

    Electrically Insulated

    Our electrically insulated coatings can be applied to: bins, chutes, corona treater rollers, silo coatings, web insulated tanks, and support …

  • plasma-logo-PRODUCTS

    Low Friction

    Reduce the cleanup and buildup of such materials as starches, paints, adhesives, latex, rubber, food, paper, ice, sugar, resins, tapes, …

  • plasma-logo-PRODUCTS

    Non & Conductive Coatings

    Conductive and non-conductive coatings are used promote or limit the flow of heat or electrical current into or away from …

  • Frac Pump Plungers


    Pump parts encounter numerous phenomenons which cause premature failure of numerous parts within the pumping mechanism. Several factors contribute to …

  • Ink pan

    Release & Cleanability

    We are a certified DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicator (DLA), a user of Whitford coatings, and we blend our own, resulting …

  • traction-coatings

    Surface Traction

    By using a high traction coating, slippage is eliminated resulting in a more consistent performance resulting in improved machine traction. …

  • Teflon being sprayed

    Thermal Conductive

    Thermally Conductive and Semi-Conductive Coatings do not significantly impede the flow of heat in or out of the substrate that …

  • plasma-logo-PRODUCTS

    Thermal Insulating

    Thermal Insulating coatings prevent the substrate from giving up internal heat or absorbing heat from an external source.

  • young_guns

    Wear & Abrasion

    From Mining, Pulp and Paper, Converting, Chemical, Oil and Gas, even in the Medical Industries, parts wear due to exposure …

Showing all 12 results