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  • Carbon fiber rollers

    Carbon Fiber Rollers

    Carbon fiber rollers, including both dead and live shaft idlers, are converting rollers that are primarily used when both high …

  • Re-grinding Converting Rolls

    Custom Rollers

    We manufacture a┬árange of custom rollers that is very broad and includes: metals and plastics, coatings, platings, special machining, …

  • live-shaft-idler

    Dancer Rollers

    Dancer rollers are lightweight dead or live shaft idlers that sense changes in web tension. The lighter the weight, the …

  • rubber cover dead shaft- with shaft

    Dead Shaft Idler

    Our custom sized dead shaft idlers are rollers with a stationary central shaft allowing only the body to rotate, which …

  • 083110CrewCylinder5

    Live Shaft Idlers

    Our custom sized live shaft idlers are rollers with a central shaft that rotates along with the body, and are …

  • Sleeving and Re-boring

    Sleeving & Re-boring

    Sleeving and re-boring are often done on journals where a critical journal diameter is worn. A sleeve is machined and …

Showing all 6 results