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  • physical property

    Coating Thickness and Condition

    Through our on-site and in-house capabilities we assess coating thickness and condition, which is an important measurement when understanding resurfacing …

  • PaperMakingTraditionalSteamDryerDrumPCCoated

    Dimension Checks for Journal and Body

    Dimension checks for journal and bodies are reviews of a roller journal and body used to verify dimensions and advise …

  • shoredurometer

    Durometer Measure

    Durometer is the international standard used for measurement of rubber hardness in the roller industry such as printing, laminating, coating &…

  • nip and durometer

    Nip Impressions

    A nip impression is a measure of the uniformity of the pressure in a web processing nip. The pressure profile …

  • crowning

    Roll Run Out

    Roller run out is a measurement of the roller’s surface roundness compared to the bearing surface.

  • 013

    Visual Inspection

    Visual Inspections are often required when we conduct root-cause analysis on various processing problems.

Showing all 6 results