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  • Special Machining

    Acid Flushing

    Acid flushing breaks down and flushes out the internal corrosion deposits and blockages in heat transfer rollers to improve flowrates …

  • Precision Balancing


    Two plane and 3 plane balancing is a common request performed in several of our facilities. ¬†Detailed balance reports are provided …

  • box repair

    Box Repair

    We offer roller and crating repairs on storage and transport boxes, which are repaired and refurbished with our in-house capabilities.

  • building-up-remachining

    Building-Up & Re-machining Journals

    Building up (welding) and re-machining is usually done if a journal is worn, damaged, or simply bent- ultimately impacting the …

  • chill roll chrome repair

    Chill Roll Chrome Repair

    Our chill roller chrome repair includes: re-chroming, acid flushing, chrome, and recovering. Chill roller chrome repair helps reduce the need …

  • Chrome Plus

    Chrome Plus

    Chrome Plus is an extremely durable composite coating that substantially extends the life of surfaces, while providing top quality mirror …

  • Machining roller shaft

    Core Repair

    Rebuilding or repairing industrial cores is a routine service we perform for our customers. We also possess the capability to …

  • PaperMakingTraditionalSteamDryerDrumPCCoated

    Dimension Checks for Journal and Body

    Dimension checks for journal and bodies are reviews of a roller journal and body used to verify dimensions and advise …

  • gold service programs

    Gold Service Contracts

    We developed the Gold Service Program to improve customer service, communication, processing time, and order turn around. The program is …

  • plasma-logo-PRODUCTS

    Nickel Plating

    Electroless Nickel plating offers some advantages over chrome plating. It has a better resistance to corrosion with relatively thinner coatings …

  • PTA welding

    Plasma Transferred Arc

    We manufacture and utlize plasma transferred arc welding or cladding systems to provide wear and corrosion resistant coatings or claddings.¬† …

  • Re-grinding Converting Rolls


    Re-grinding is often done to remove existing plating, for example chrome plating, from converting rollers and industrial parts due to …

  • replating-journal


    Re-journaling rollers is often done as a repair on an existing rollers. The existing journal is removed and a new …

  • Re-Shelling Converting Rolls


    Re-shelling is considered if the outer shell is damaged or has experienced internal corrosion, and it’s possible to cut off …

  • Refurbishing Converting Rolls


    Refurbishing is trying to maximize the lifespan of the rollers or change some of the rollers specifications. However, not all …

  • groove roll rh

    Roller Journal Repair

    Roller journal repair is often done as a repair on an existing roller. Depending on the condition of the roller, …

  • Over-laying Weld

    Shaft Repairs

    Wear and abarasion resistant coatings can be applied to shafts. Shafts can also be rebuilt or “remanufactured” to original dimensions …

  • Sleeving and Re-boring

    Sleeving & Re-boring

    Sleeving and re-boring are often done on journals where a critical journal diameter is worn. A sleeve is machined and …

  • home-roll-services

    Straightening Roll Bodies

    By inspection and measurement of the size and wall thickness and the severity of the bend, the roller’s body can …

Showing all 19 results