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  • 3D printed part

    3D Printed Parts

    We manufacture a variety of wear-resistant, release, and conductivity coatings. Our coatings can be applied to 3D printed parts depending …

  • metalizing

    Combustion Wire Metallizing

    In this process, various metal wire is fed into an oxygen-acetylene gas mixture. It is then in a molten state …

  • arc spray

    Electric Arc

    This process also uses materials in wire form, but in this case the heat source is the arcing of two …

  • Thermal spraying gates


    In this process metal particles actually travel faster than the speed of sound, generating the best bond strengths, density and …

  • plasma_coating_roll

    Plasma coatings

    Plasma coatings are coatings that are applied to the roller’s face to help create web traction, enhance the roller’s body …

  • plasma spray

    Plasma Spray

    In this process we use various gasses that are ignited by an electric arc. Temperatures can rise up to 30,000° F …

  • Thermal spraying gates

    Thermal Spray

    This is the method of applying materials onto a prepared base material by heating particles in the stream of a …

Showing all 7 results