PT-MAT™ has a long experience designing coatings for the toughest wear applications.  Our latest development for PTA cladding combines diamond particles along with tungsten carbide in a nickel based matrix alloy. This allows us to offer coatings that can handle the toughest abrasion conditions.


The diamonds and spherical fused tungsten carbide (SFTC) are spread throughout the overlay to form a coating with extreme wear resistance.  The coating is welded to the base metal.  PT-MAT has developed several matrices that allow for high particles concentration, easy weld-ability and limited carbide dissolution.




The diamonds are encapsulated in a shell that protects them during the welding process and anchor them in the coating..
This results in diamonds between 150µm and 250µm s embedded alongside tungsten carbide particles.

Hardness SFTC : 2750-3100 HV0.1
Hardness Diamond > 5,000 HV0.1


diamond-pic-3 diamond-pic-4

Different concentration of diamonds and tungsten carbide are possible to optimize the wear properties.