We are uniquely qualified to serve companies involved in manufacturing, moving and handling such product and equipment as:

•EPDM and Butyl Rubbers
•Fluidizing Beds
•Scrubber Columns
•Weigh Scales
•Ribbon Mixers
•Chemicals – Solid and liquid
•Vibratory Conveyors and Hoods
•Mixing Vessels/Paddles

Manufacturing and moving these types of products can cause many problems. The main issues to overcome include but is not limited to Sticking/Buildup, Corrosion and Erosion. Our coatings enhance a manufacturing process by imparting the following characteristics:

•Wear Resistance
Corrosion Resistance

Material Handling

Problems areas:
When a product is tacky it tends to build up on the walls of the material handling equipment. When this happens the problems that arise are:

•Shorter Production Runs/Longer Down Time
•Reduced capacity
•Quality Issues

Coating Benefits

As build up occurs drying capacity is lost, throughput is diminished and it takes longer to clean equipment during an outage. Sticking and build up can cause cured product to build up and then break off to be reintroduced into the production stream contaminating the product causing quality issues and rejects by the end user.

Corrosion and Erosion

Application of coatings to acceptable substrates can prolong the life of parts due to failure caused by exposure from chemical attack or erosive solids in the product stream. The same benefits of increased production and cost savings associated with coatings used in Material Handling can be found when coatings are used for Corrosion and Erosion problems.

In all of these cases an evaluation of the process and problems can reveal that a suitable coating within our product line can reduce if not eliminate these problems. Many of the available coating solutions can be applied onsite without taking the equipment out of service for an extended period of time.