The textile and nonwoven industry benefit from our many types of roller covers. They are designed to meet the requirements needed in producing fabrics, whether they are woven or nonwoven. The rollers have terrific abrasion resistance, high coefficient of friction, superior durability, good chemical resistance and can be manufactured in multi-layer durometers for special properties.


Delivery Roller
Dip Tank Coater Roller
Expander Roller
Padder Roller
Press Roller
Pull Roller
Sander Drums Sizing Pull Roller
Slasher Nip Roller
Swim Roller
Take Up Roller
Warper Nip Roller
Wash Tank Delivery Roller
Wash Tank Squeegee Roller

Some of the most widely used  compounds include:

MB Series: Provide good abrasion resistance and high coefficient of friction for good feeding.
ME Series: Excellent ozone resistance; will not crack or oxidize; good dynamic properties-resists blowouts.
MH Series: Provides good wear resistance.
MN Series: Has good shock absorption.
MU Series: Offers excellent resistance to compression set.
TF Series: Provides excellent release properties.