American Roller COVID-19 Operations and Policies

COVID-19 Playbook

We are following CDC guidelines and have implemented additional procedures around social distancing and shop floor cleaning on a frequent basis. We are utilizing remote work procedures without disrupting our business. All our operations and business functions are operating. This page will be updated as needed to reflect the current operating status.

Please view a letter and video message from our CEO on our status as an essential manufacturer:
03.23.2020 – view letter – American Roller is an Essential Manufacturer 
03.23.2020 – view a video message from our CEO
07.07.2020 – view a video message from our VP of Sales & Customer Service

Below is a list of our current policies regarding COVID-19:

Customer and Vendor Visits to American Roller Facilities We do currently allow customers and vendors to visit our facilities for essential work purposes. Those who enter our facilitities are screened and in addition to temperature checks will be asked the following questions: (1) A new fever (100.4°F or higher), or a sense of having a fever?; (2) A new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?; (3) New shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition?; (4) A new sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition?; (5) New muscle aches (myalgias) that you cannot attribute to another health condition, or that may have been caused by a specific activity (such as physical exercise)?

Please complete this form prior to visiting any American Roller facility:
05.13.2020 Rev 2.0
American Roller visits to customer and vendor sites Being an essential manufacturer, throughout the pandemic crisis American Roller personnel have continued to travel to key vendor and customer sites as needed. Many of our customers and partners utilize the same screening and gating procedures that we do. We are encouraging American Roller employees to follow the lead of our customers and vendors in balancing the needs of providing solutions and moving the economy forward, with that of safety. 05.05.2020
American Roller and Plasma Coatings On-site business Our Plasma Coatings on-site teams conducted on-site projects in March but took a pause in April. Our on-site work has resumed in May. Our customers are conducting the same on-site screening that we do. 05.05.2020
American Roller shipping and receiving All American Roller plants shipping and receiving functions are operational. Memo issued on revised procedure and handling instructions posted for employee and visitor review. 03.31.2020 Rev 1.0
American Roller sales and engineering team site visits As noted above, these team follow the same guidelines as do all our employees regarding visits to customer and vendor sites. See also expertise and capability regarding Webinars and Video conferencing. 05.05.2020
Webinars and video conferencing American Roller is a full license user of ZOOM and regularly conducts group and individual video conferencing and webcast events to solve problems. The company is also experiences in the use of Microsoft Teams and Webex video conferencing. 03.31.2020
American Roller office and administration teams Most office and administrative employees are deployed in home office environments. All functions within the company are operating in this manner. Some employees have elected to work in the ARCO office environments with proper social distancing. We expect to see more frequent ARCO office work location begin in June. 03.30.2020
American Roller plant and transportation operations All plant operations are running, fully functional. 03.30.2020
Domestic travel (including air) There are no restirictions on travel at this time. 05.06.2020
International Travel Any form of international travel is prohibited at this time. Those employees traveling internationally for leisure purposes are to contact the HR department to discuss the situation and any proper quarantine procedures necessary. 05.06.2020
American Roller safe at work playbook The safe at work playbook is posted on the COVID-19 Communications Board within the plants. This covers: protective practices, screening, work from home options, rapid response to cases, risk mitigation, cultural practices, education and communication. 04.06.2020 Rev 2.0
Facial mask requirements Plans are currently underway to provide all employees with 3 cloth facial masks and the associated recommended cleaning procedures. In addition to this, surgical grade and N95 masks are part of our our normal use in certain manufacturing operations. Employees are encouraged to use, but not mandated at this time. 05.06.2020 Rev 1.0
COVID-19 positive test procedures In the event of an on-premise positive instance of the Covid-19, American Roller has an established procedure and checklist that is followed. The outline of this is posted on our COVID-19 Communications board posted in the plants. 03.20.2020 Rev 2.0
American Roller employee temperature screening protocol American Roller has an established protocol ∓ procedure that is followed. The outline of this is posted on our COVID-19 Communications board posted in the plants. All plants are equipped with non-contacting temperature measurement devices. 04.24.2020 Rev 1.5
American Roller sanitation guidelines Memo and documentation issued to employees responsible for cleaniness and outbreak clean-up response. 03.24.2020 Rev 1.0