American Roller Company Releases New Film & Laminating Nip Roller Collection

May 21, 2015

Union Grove, WI – American Roller Company has announced a collection of nip roll coverings that provide great wear and release properties, with a range of operating temperatures and costs. A combination of new and existing product lines forms this unique grouping for the film and laminating markets. These new compounds offer improved performance with a longer life; superior to the industry standard.

When selecting covering compounds, there are tradeoffs. This new family of products has been designed to eliminate having to choose between wear, release, or a high temperature rating. American Roller has provided a solution to the industry demands. These products combine the best options for the customer when determining their need, while still maintaining great performance within the application.

American Roller’s Research and Engineering Group has collected sufficient data from lab and field tests to create the best compounds. “Field test results showed dramatic improvements in both wear and release over any product in the market place. In some cases, we saw two to three times the life.” says Jim Carlson, Senior Engineer.

Jan Buetow, Technical Specialist, commented, “This collection will provide the best covering option for our diverse customer requirements.”

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