Why Create Unnecessary Downtime, When Our On-Site Plasma Coating Team Can Come to You!

Winder drums and reels come in all sizes. While our Plasma Coating facilities can handle your plasma coating needs both large and small, we understand the implications to your bottom line when you have no spares, costly downtimes, and waiting sometimes days or weeks for shipments to arrive is not an option. Our On-site plasma coatings team can typically be mobilized within a day’s notice, and get your production back up and running in less than 24 hours of service.

How do our On-Site Coatings Benefit Your Bottom Line?

  • Less Downtime: Our on-site plasma coating team will have you back up and running in less than 24 hours. With most applications completed in 8-12 hours.

  • No Removal Of Parts: We are able to service and re-coat your winder reel or drum without having to be removed from any machinery.

  • No Shipping Costs: Huge cost savings when compared to traditional services requiring you to ship your roll or drum to our facility.

  • No-Risk of Damage: Removal, Transportation, and re-installation can all potentially pose a risk of damage to your equipment. This is all eliminated when the American Roller on-site plasma coating team is brought in.

Plasma Coatings On-Site

“Safety conscientious, great work. Always a pleasure dealing with a vendor that performs exactly as expected.”
-Front Winder Drum Coated with PC-436

Typical On-Site Plasma Coating Day of Events

We will work with your schedule to find the best time for service to be performed. No time is too late or too early.

  • Safety Meeting – Can take online in advance if available.
  • Walkthrough of the job site
  • Unload and Set up of Equipment
  • Begin Drum Rotation – Customer to provide an operator or instruct the crew.
  • Blast Procedure: Cleans and prepares surface.
  • Metal Matrix Application
  • Release Polymer Application if needed. *Requires additional 8-12 hours cure time.
  • Cleanup – we clean up the worksite and take care of all waste by taking all used and unused materials with us for proper disposal.
After completing our work, your production is able to resume immediately
or after an additional 8-12 hours with a release polymer applications.

Ready To Reduce Downtime?

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