The company has serviced the film and plastic sheet industry for over 75 years. Throughout this time, we have worked closely with our customers developing new materials to help improve their production processes. Our technical support group of Chemists and Engineers have saved our customers thousands of dollars through new innovation and development of materials specifically for their needs. Materials from the softest rubber compounds to the hardest of the ceramics and everything in between.

We solve an array of problems such as:
• Adhesive or product build-up
• Web tracking
• Tension problems
• Wear
• Static

Our solutions drive return on investment (ROI) in the following categories:
• Reduction of product waste
• Increase in product quality
• Reduced cleaning time
• Reduced down time
• Faster change-over times
• Ability to run machine(s) faster
• Longer equipment life

Within film there can be a wide range of processes:

Film & Laminating Nip Roller Collection
American Roller offers a unique collection of wear and release coverings for laminating and film markets. The solutions are specially designed to provide the optimal balance between release, wear properties, operating temperatures, and cost.
The power of choice and options is yours, resulting in better performance and higher ROI.

Excelnip rollers are extremely durable nip rollers for use in the most demanding cast extrusion and embossing applications. They provide longer service life in high temperature and high ozone environments.

Arcothane R
Excelnip HR
Excelnip R

Cast Film Extrusion Roller
Coating Roller
Corona Treating Roller
Dancer Roller
Draw Roller
Drive Roller
Embossing Back Up Roller
Expandable Sleeves
Film Conditioning Roller
Ink Fountain Roller
Laminating Roller
Lightweight Idler Roller
Metering Roller
Plate Out Roller
Pull Roller
Splicing Bump Roller
Thermal Transfer Roller
Tower Nip Roller
Web Separator Roller (bowed roller)
Winding Lay On Roller
Wrinkle Eliminating Roller
Drive Rolls
Pull Rolls
Idler Rolls
Winder/Bed Rolls
Embossing Roll
Nip/Laminator Rolls
Vacuum Roll
Metering Roll
Guide Roll
Dancer Roll
Slitter Rolls
Anvil Roll
Embossing Roll
Rotary Die
Chill Rolls
Steam Drums
Slitter Blades
Air Bars
Turn Bars
Oven Idlers
Oven Air Bars
Holding Tanks
Adhesive Pans
Agitator Blades
Conveying Systems
Seal Bars
Guide Rails
Folding Rails
Dead Plates
Side Face and Journals
Machine Frame
Air Shafts