We have been servicing the paper industry for many years.  We offer coverings and coatings for drums, rolls, and a variety of other applications.  This list includes dryers, winders, felt, wire, couch, reel spools, breast, guide, and other pulp and paper application needs.  We have been providing cost effective solutions to problems involving unwanted build-up, slippage, wear, and corrosion by providing surface enhancing coatings.

Roller Positions

Back Up Roller
Breast Roller
Couch Roller
Crimp Roller
Drive Roller
Fly Roller Forming Roller
Guide Roller
Idler Roller
Metering Roller
Pinch Roller
Plate Roller Pressure Roller
Pull Roller
Spinner Roller
Stretch Roller
Wet Felt Roller
Wire/ Table Roller

Problems in Paper Making:

Build Up:
Stickies (contaminates from recycled paper)
Secondary Fiber
Sizing – starch from the size press
Coating applied to the paper: – example milk carton stock or other moisture barrier products.

Corrosion On Wet End:
Corrosion from Felt Cleaners – Caustic Boil Outs
Corrosion from chemicals added to process
Corrosion from wet process environment

Slippage On The Dry end:
Winding Issues.
Slippage on start up scratches the paper and contributes to loose core wrap.
Slippage causes telescoping of parent roll.
Slippage causing loose wrap of parent roll.
Slippage causing vibration on winder machine producing uneven wrap.
Reel fall away & bagging.
Traction issues on Rider Rolls that help maintain a “tight” wrap of Parent Roll.

Coating Properties Needed:

Traction / Release / Cleanability / Wear / Corrosion Resistance / Low COF

Release/Cleanability/Wear & Abuse Resistant:
•Steam Hoods
•Strong Backs for Doctor Blades
•Doctor Blade Holders/Fingers/Spacers
•Felt Rolls
•Paper Carrying Rolls
•Dryer Drums

Release/Cleanability/Wear & Abuse resistance/Corrosion Resistance:
•Lead-in Lead Out rolls to dryer sections
•Dryer Felt Rolls
•Starch Tanks