Industrial liquid handling pumps are classified in many different ways. Pumps are distinguished by the materials of construction, the materials pumped, industries or applications served, pressure, flow levels and physical orientation.

Pump and valve parts encounter numerous phenomenons which cause premature failure of numerous parts within the pumping mechanism. Several factors contribute to the constant abrasion,erosion and corrosion pump parts.

Through the utilization of thermal spray metalizing technologies such as: Thermal Spray, HVOF, Plasma Spray, and Spray and Fuse; our solutions we provide complete repair, restoration and reconditioning of pump parts.

Parts include such things as: housings, impeller fins, seal sections, wear rings, plungers, pump shafts and wear sleeves.

When abrasives are present in the pumpage, the rate of failure is enhanced by 2 X the normal Mean Life Before Failure. Thermal spray metalizing technologies can refurbish and extend the life of key pump parts.

Erosive wear occurs when particulates in a fluid or gas stream impacts the surface with momentum causing material from the surface to be removed. Erosive wear can be found in pump casings, pump pistons and wear rings.

High fluid velocities can also result in an increased corrosion rate further reducing the service life of the pump. Thermal Spray metalizing technologies reduce the effects of corrosion on these parts.

Our team has experience in a wide range of thermal spray metalizing solutions, including: Spray and Fuse, HVOF, Plasma, Combustion Metalizing, Twin Wire ARC and PTA.   Our proprietary coatings are proven to enhance the performance of your pumps or repair and restore your damaged parts.