Are you using your magnifying glass?

This past summer my daughter received a starter science kit for her birthday which included a magnifying glass.  After a few trips to the backyard, it didn’t take long for her to begin to see a ‘new world’.

Quickly, she learned to spot various types of ladybugs, beetles, and ants in the lawn. She learned there were different blades of grass and how water collects on the leaves of a black-eyed Susan flower, and what dirt really looks like …

Within a few hours, she was inspired to keep searching and to keep learning.

Innovation and Quality – through the Magnifying Glass

In business (and in life), we all need to find and use our magnifying glass – to keep an open mind and to be willing to research and learn new magnfyingglass_crewthings in greater detail.

Being creative, imaginative, and curious allows us to expand, minimize or simply remove boundaries that currently restrict our current thoughts and overall decision making.

Disruptive Innovation or Simple Incremental Improvements

It all begins with a single thought, an insight or an idea.

At C.R.E.W. we all carry a magnifying glass – looking or observing our manufacturing processes, ideas and engineering designs a bit closer to develop a deeper understanding on a topic, that has gone unnoticed until now.

Once the discovery has been made, as a team we try to leverage this insight into something valuable for the customer in terms of customer service.

All while keeping in mind that all of our hard work obtaining diplomas, patents, certifications, or experiences is significant to one’s career – these are all baseline activities to help us understand the new ideas, concepts, or challenges that each of us encounters each day while looking through our magnifying glass.

At C.R.E.W. we are all committed and inspired to continue looking through our magnifying glass with the common goal of helping our customers …


Like my daughter; we acknowledge our greatest work is yet ahead of us!