Redirecting Hot Coils with Arcomax


Painting steel coils involves a lot of heat to properly cure the freshly applied paint. This heat inside the oven can reach temperatures ranging between 425°F and 525°F degrees, which can be problematic for many roller coverings. Traditionally, as the steel coils exit the oven, an EPDM or CSM covered turn roller is used to redirect the hot strip. However, due to the extreme heat, these covered rollers often don’t last as long as you may want. When dealing with these higher temperatures, American Roller recommends using our Arcomax 4000 series to extend the life of the roller covering.

Arcomax Turn Rollers

For manufacturers painting steel coils, American Roller has two product series that are developed for this particular process. Our Arcomax 4000 and 5000 series both perform well in ambient and elevated temperatures above 300 degrees of continuous use. 

Arcomax 4000 is available as a high-performance elastomeric material designed for aggressive mechanical applications. As the premium option, this formulation has excellent hardness and dimensional stability to provide a longer life with less wear and tear, even under extreme temperatures. 

The Arcomax 5000 series is a more economical option offering good performance in moderately high temperatures near ovens and hot cleaning sections in any aluminum or steel processing application.

Both Arcomax 4000 and 5000 are available in a variety of durometer ranges to suit your specific needs. 

Work with an American Roller technical expert to discover a roller covering that will perform best with your operations!