Arcotherm® TC100

Arcotherm TC100 is a hard, dense, wear resistant thermal transfer roller coating for use in heat and chill roll applications. The proprietary ceramic coating is formulated to withstand the abrasion, corrosion, scratching and marring present in the cast extrusion process. It also resists particle erosion and cavitations up to 500°F, providing efficient temperature control of the substrate being processed. This exclusive covering is twice the thickness of chrome. It can be produced in a variety of finishes, from near mirror (4 Ra microinches) to matte. The TC100’s excellent physical properties promote consistent, high quality output and reduce downtime, maintenance and waste associated with conventional coverings.

Recommended Use

  • Cast extrusion/embossing
  • Extrusion coating and laminating
  • Preheat rollers


  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Hard, highly polished ceramic
  • Resistant to most acids, alkalies and alcohols up to 350°F
  • Wide range of surface finishes available
  • Twice the thickness of chrome


  • Longer service life over chrome
  • Versatile; can meet a variety of application needs
  • Less waste
  • Eliminates scratching and marring
  • Maintains physical properties for consistent output
  • One year warranty against surface scratches or marring caused by razor knife blade contact or plastic web contact under normal conditions


  • Not appropriate for applications where denting or worming is the mode of failure

Product Specifications

Hardness:  72 Rockwell C
Coating Thickness:  0.010”-0.012”
Surface Finish Range:  4 Ra to 250 Ra microinches
Taper:  0.0005”
Diameter Tolerance:  ±0.005” standard; ±0.001” available
TIR:  0.0005”