Arcotherm® TH200

The Arcotherm® TH200 is a durable, anti-dent thermal transfer roller coating designed to eliminate costly and time consuming roller changes that result from worming during cold starts in the extrusion process or dents from operator abuse. The roll construction consists of a thick layer of ceramic between the core and the outer ceramic covering. This combination of materials adds excellent impact resistance and high compression strength to improve service performance. The outer ceramic layer is extremely hard and can be finished to 8 Ra microinches.

Recommended Use

  • Cast sheet extrusion/embossing (including PVC‑sheet)
  • Extrusion coating and laminating
  • Preheat rollers


  • Outstanding abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Impact resistant; high compression
  • Dent, scratch and worm resistant
  • Hard, dual layer, highly polished ceramic
  • Wide range of surface finishes available


  • Reduces downtime, maintenance and waste
  • Eliminates roll failure due to most operator abuse
  • Can meet a variety of demanding application needs
  • Excellent durability; superior performance
  • One year warranty against dents or worming under normal operating conditions


  • — Approximately 5% less thermal transfer than chrome due to covering thickness

Product Specifications

Hardness:  72 Rockwell C
Coating Thickness:  0.060”
Surface Finish Range:  To 8 Ra microinches
Taper:  0.0005”
Diameter Tolerance:  ±0.005” standard; ±0.001” available
TIR:  0.0005”