Arcotherm® TK400

The Arcotherm TK400 is an extremely durable coating that substantially extends the life of thermal transfer rollers, while providing top quality mirror finishes and tolerances.  The superior, hard metal matrix coating provides excellent abrasion resistance and extremely long life compared to polished chrome.  The TK400 smooth surface finish satisfies stringent application requirements.  In fact, the state-of-the-art super finishing methods used to produce a mirror surface render outstanding appearance, gloss and reflectivity.

Recommended Use

  • Cast extrusion/embossing
  • Extrusion coating and laminating
  • Preheat rollers


  • Outstanding abrasion resistance up to 1000°F
  • Hard, mirror surface
  • Excellent scratch resistance


  • More than double the life of chrome
  • Resists scratching and marring
  • Versatile; can meet a variety of application needs
  • Offers excellent gloss and reflectivity for outstanding quality


  • — Not appropriate for applications where denting or worming is the mode of failure

Product Specifications

Hardness:  70 Rockwell C
Coating Thickness:  0.010”-0.012”
Surface Finish Range:  To 1 Ra microinches
Taper:  0.0005”
Diameter Tolerance:  ±0.005” standard; ±0.001” available
TIR:  0.0005”