Converting Customer Value Case Study

Many converting manufacturers use an extrusion drool tub to catch excess polymer from the extruder during a web break or change in material. During this time the extruder continues to run with the extrusion drool tub catching the excess polymer.


One customer with a laminating operation was having problems cleaning the drool tubs when they were full. It required hammers, axes, and pry bars to remove the cured polymer. This was time consuming, as well as dangerous; and required a great deal of employee labor.


American Roller’s Plasma Coating Division coated the interior of the drool tub with a release coating, to facilitate easy cleaning. The tubs had been abused over the course of day today operations so prior to the coating process the bowed sides of the tub were straightened and the corners were rewelded, for added strength and reinforcement.

Customer Value

The cured polymer slid out of the drool tub easily and quickly! For several days after the coated tub was installed, employees gathered to watch as the tub was emptied. They stood in crowds amazed, as the cured polymer fell out of the tub when it was turned upside down, without any need to pry or coax the material.

This manufacturer resells the overrun of polymer that is removed from the tub. Since the coating has been applied the polymer comes out in one piece instead of several small pieces. The customer found that there is less product loss than when the polymer was chipped out and the polymer is easier to handle and ship when in one piece.

Employees that were spending time “chipping” polymer out of tubs are now free to perform other tasks. There is also significantly less wear and tear on the drool tubs themselves since the polymer comes out so easily. The hammers, axes, and pry pars have been put away giving tubs a much longer life on the manufacturing floor.

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