Arcostretcher, the trusted solution for smoothing out your web-substrate


Manufacturers in the paper, plastic, and foil industries know all too well that wrinkles need to be avoided. Over the years, the manufacturing of paper, plastic, and foils has been refined with tighter tolerances resulting in very thin, as low as 1 mil or potentially lower, web-substrates. Webs this thin will wrinkle very easily. With the proper tools, eliminating wrinkles from the web-substrate is possible.


A popular method of eliminating wrinkle problems along the web is using a specially grooved roller called the Arcostretcher AV. This roller made by American Roller has been a trusted solution for decades by thousands of customers.

The Arcostretcher AV roller is grooved in a manner that enables the web to be smoothed out, effectively eliminating any wrinkles that may have formed. Typically this roller is installed in the last idler roll position, prior to the web-substrate being processed. When we say “being processed”, we are saying the last idler roll position prior to paper, plastic, or foils being laminated to another web of material, or the last idler roll position the web travels over prior to a web slitting operation, or the last idler roll position the web travels over prior to a corona treater station. Should a wrinkled web travel through any of these without being smoothed out with an Arcostretcher AV roll, it will lead to a distorted web that will ultimately fail the quality control inspection process.


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