Heat Transfer Rolls Customer Value Case Study


Customer had oil-filled heat transfer rolls in nine plants. After hearing about American Roller’s Thermalon® roll, he had great interest but wasn’t sure he could sell upper management on the purchase price.


Sales Department personnel presented Thermalon® capabilities, with the support of Technical Staff. Customers with similar applications also provided references. An analysis of oil-filled rolls versus electrically heated rolls convinced the decision makers that the cost was well justified by the ROI.

Customer Value

Customer has reduced maintenance costs. Production is up due to the ability to increase line speeds by running at 500 °F. (oil could only run at 320-350
°F) Customer also has less scrap and defective product due to consistent heat from side to side on the Thermalon® roll (within 1 °F). Oilfilled roll the customer was using varied 1012 °F.

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