High CoF vs. Low CoF: What do we mean!?

The terms, High CoF and Low CoF are commonly thrown around in the industry, especially from roller suppliers, but what do they actually mean to you?

Let’s start with the basics, “What is CoF?”:

It stands for Coefficient of Friction. This is the ratio between the force necessary to move one surface horizontally over another and the pressure between the two surfaces.

How do we know what to use when?
Low CoF Adhesive Glue Pan
Low CoF
plasma coating roll
High CoF

The choice between these two coating systems will rely heavily on what properties are needed for efficient production. A High CoF system should be considered when grip is needed to keep the web moving at the same speed as the roller. On the other hand, if your goal is to allow the web to slide with little to no resistance, you want to consider a low CoF system.  For example, a High CoF system can be compared to a tire on your car, the tread provides a strong grip to increase your traction on the road. And a good comparison for a Low CoF system is your cooking skillet at home, the release properties and smoothness of the skillet surface enable food, such as eggs, to be easily cleaned off.

While those are just two examples of common use cases, it is possible for a Plasma Coating to pull properties from both systems. For example, oven exit rollers. These rollers require a smooth/easy clean surface but also need just enough traction to pull the web without creating defects.

Whether you need High CoF, Low CoF, or even something in-between, American Roller has a solution for you. Our dedicated teams of engineers and account managers are ready to help you find the ideal solution for your production needs and are only a call away.

The table below highlights some of the key differences between the two Plasma Coating systems:

High CoF Low CoF
Traction High Low
Friction High Low
Smooth Surface No Yes
Commonly Used On Rollers Flatwork & Some Rollers

The properties outlined above are general properties seen within these two Plasma Coating Systems.  Since manufacturing production processes can vary, please consult with an American Roller Consultant to find the appropriate solution for your unique needs.

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