Rollers designed for coil coating squeegee and quench applications.

Before steel can be painted for final production, it must be pre-cleaned and treated before the paint can be applied. This preparation process is essential to make sure paint adheres properly to the steel after curing. Without it, the paint would begin the peel and chip pre-maturely. The cleaning process involves washing the strip with some harsh chemicals. These chemicals vary on both sides of the pH spectrum and involve tank temperatures that range up to 180°F. Due to these conditions, it is essential to use roller coatings that are up for the challenge of these harsh chemicals that a roller will be exposed to.

Squeegee Rollers for Coil Coating

Multiple tanks are involved as the coil travels through the cleaning process within the wet section. These tanks contain a pair of squeegee rolls that are used to prevent chemical and water carryover from one tank to the other. When it arrives at the quench section, the wet strip is dried through another series of squeegee rolls. Similar to the squeegee rolls used in the wet section, the quench section’s purpose is to thoroughly remove water from the strip so it can move on to the next step in the coil coating process.

American Roller has roller coverings that have been specially formulated for use in steel coil coating. These compounds enable squeegee rollers to last longer in both high and low pH settings. The covering series below by American Roller offers a wide range of compounds to fit the specific needs of the coil coating industry:

  • Tufex CP Series: This series offers good performance in moderately high temperatures with moderate pH levels.
  • Tufex CE Series: A high-performance elastomeric material designed for aggressive mechanical and chemical applications. This material has great cut and wear resistance. A urethane squeegee that will maintain the surface finish for better performance even when up against most stitches.
  • Arcomax 1000 Series: Provides excellent durability for aggressive mechanical and chemical applications with excellent cut resistance. Withstanding heavy stitches and edge roughness.
  • Arcomax 3000 Series: This material offers good performance and chemical resistance in moderately high temperatures up to 250°F.
  • Arcomax 4000 Series: Maintains excellent cut and wear resistance in temperatures exceeding 300°F.


Contact an American Roller specialist today to determine which series is best for your coil coating application.