P-Ni 46 PTA

General Information

PT-MAT™ Ni 46 PTA is a Ni,B,Si based metal powder used for Hard facing or as a buffer layer for coating with a higher hardness. The alloy shows good corrosion resistance despite low Cr content, the alloy also contains low level of Fe and Carbon.


PT-MAT™ Ni 46 PTA is applied through plasma powder surfacing or laser cladding on low alloy to high alloy steel.
The powder exhibits excellent weld ability and a very fluid puddle.
The low level of Fe and C makes it a good candidate to overlay stainless steel components even in single pass.
The medium range hardness makes the coating suitable for machining.

Physical Properties

Hardness (outside dilution): 35 HRc
Density: 8.3 g/cm3 / 0.30 lb/in3
Apparent density (Hall): 4.6 g/cm3
Flow rate (Hall): 14-16 seconds
Typical sizing available: 53-150 microns (+270-100 mesh)

Chemical Composition (in weight %)



10 lbs plastic bottles.
Other packaging available on request (plastic or metal pails).

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