General Information

PT-MAT™ NIFD-TS is a cored wire filled with angular cast tungsten carbide particles in a NiBSi matrix.
PT-MAT™ NIFD-TS has been specially designed for thermal spray applications when the most severe abrasion conditions are expected. The coating also have a good corrosion resistance behavior.
The coating contains solid particles of tungsten carbide (50-60% depending on diameter) in a low melting temperature Ni-B-Si alloy.
This matrix is specially formulated to generate low heat input and minimize the carbide degradation during spraying.


PT-MAT™ NIFD is used extensively for severe wear applications in industrial processing equipment such as fan blades, cyclones, pulp and paper, mining, cement, power generation.

Hardness (outside dilution)

Matrix: 45-52 HRc.

Cast Tungsten Carbide (FTC): 2100-2400 HV0.1

Spraying Parameters


Distance: 4″-6″ (100-150 mm)
Spray pressure :35-45 PSI


Spools “S” = (25lbs) or (33lbs)
Other packaging available on request (larges spools, drums etc…)

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