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Our new coating selection guide makes it easier than ever before to determine
which American Roller coating product is right for your unique application.

There are many different formulations of our coatings that are available to cover both your rollers and flat parts. This large selection often makes it difficult to know where to start when wanting to improve part performance. Each Plasma Coating formulation was designed with unique properties in mind which will determine the applications each coating is best suited for.

Keep in mind that this selection guide provides a general guideline to help select a product based on specific properties that are required for your production needs. After speaking with an account manager, it may be determined that another coatings product better suits the needs of your operations; as this is not a complete list of all Plasma Coating products.

Download our New Coatings Selection Guide to find a solution that meets your unique needs:  Get my Copy!

Coating Selection Guide


Our account managers and engineers have seen many different types of rollers across various industries, making them your go-to expert for any questions you may have.

Need help deciding? Talk with one of our industry experts today to determine which coating is right for your application!

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