Why is FDA Compliance Important?


FDA compliant Plasma Coatings are a requirement for more than just food and cooking utensils. In fact, FDA compliance is a requirement for so much more than the average consumer would realize. 

Manufacturers small and large are all required to follow strict guidelines set by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) when they are manufacturing consumable goods and products. But these consumable goods and products don’t always have to have direct contact to require an FDA compliant Plasma Coating. Both direct and indirect contact with consumer products requires manufacturers to remain compliant to lawfully ensure that no unwanted residues are left behind.

Food, medical, and many consumer products are the most commonly recognized goods that would require oversight by the FDA yet there are many less obvious products that are also held to high standards for consumer protection.

What about that paper wrap your fast-food hamburger comes in or even that crinkly bag you had to open at lunch for your potato chips? Those too! They may not be editable products, but they still come in direct contact with the food you are consuming. 

Here are 10 common items, in no particular order, that require FDA compliance  for manufacturing plants:
FDA Plasma Coatings

  1. Diapers / Feminine Care Products / Baby Wipes
  2. Saran Wrap
  3. Aluminum Foil
  4. Kraft Paper for Grocery Bags
  5. Kitchen Paper Towels
  6. Coated Paper Board for Beverages – Milk Cartons / Juice Boxes
  7. Surgical Gowns & Similar Medical Non-Woven Related Products
  8. Band-Aids
  9. Adhesive Backed Heart Monitors
  10. Keurig Coffee Pods

FDA compliance is a top concern for many of our customers as they manufacture consumable goods and products and is also a requirement by law. Whether your rollers and machinery are coming in direct or indirect contact with a consumer product, it is important to trust that no unwanted residues are left behind. American Roller has been supplying key markets (ie: hygiene, diaper, feminine care, medical, and sterile products) with FDA compliant coatings and coverings for decades. As a leading supplier of FDA compliant coatings, we are fully aware and are experienced with the constant battle with in-house cleaning/sanitizing to combat bacteria from entering into your manufacturing process.

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