High Performance Film Customer Value Case Study


A large customer purchased a new slitter machine and was having problems with their film slipping. The film was also being scratched as it went through the slitter. They called American Roller’s Plasma Coating’s Division to see if they had something that would give them traction and not scratch their product. The coating needed to be FDA compliant, so no silicone could leach onto the film.


Plasma Coatings was able to apply one of its coatings to the Pull Rolls and another to the Idler Rolls. A third type of coating was used for the Isolating Roll.

Customer Value

The results have been excellent. The high performance film process now has the traction it needed and the scratching has been eliminated. The customer is having the same coatings applied to their other three slitting machines, as well as their spares. The Company can now run the $250,000 machine they bought efficiently and productively, instead of scrapping an end product that is unusable due to scratching.

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