Tinning Rods

General Information

PT-MAT™ Tinning Rod is a brazing rod used with oxyacetylene, it provides coating with high tensile strength and is also used as a binder / filler for composite carbide rods.

Specification : RbCuZn-d
PT-MAT™ Tinning Rod is a low fume copper nickel zinc alloy (nickel bronze)


PT-MAT™ Tinning Rod is used on oil drilling tool as a complement to composite carbide rods or to braze tungsten carbide inserts on steel.

Physical properties

Hardness: 120 HB.
Tensile strength: 70,000 PSI
Melting point: 920°C (1688°F)




36″ length. flux coated or bare.
available in diameter 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″.

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