Wisconsin, home to critical manufacturers


The mid-west, home to American Roller headquarters in WI, is known for the various manufacturers we have supplying our economy. In fact, the stretch from Green Bay to Milwaukee is known as “Converting Corridor” due to the many small to mid-sized manufacturers that are working in partnership with many large national distributors. Today, more than ever, these manufacturers are ramping up production to provide many of the crucial products needed by medical professions on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“[Wisconsin’s] paper and converting industries product critical medial and personal hygiene products which our communities depend on, particularly during this pandemic, says Rep. Scott Krug. Wisconsin is the number one paper-producing state in the nation and these industries need to continue their operations particularly at this difficult time.” 

American Roller is proud to be a partner to these critical manufacturers as we supply our coverings and coatings needed for them to produce their products. On tissue converting lines, our products cover winding nest rollers, glue applicator rolls, embossing nip rolls, and marrying rolls to name a few. We also supply a lot of coatings used on rollers in the diaper/fem care markets which play a role in fighting this COVID-19 pandemic. 

As these manufacturers ramp up production levels to meet the increasing demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other various products needed during this time, they are relying on suppliers like American Roller more than ever. Not only are these roller coatings, coverings, and services required for standard operations, they also are essential in optimizing output, increasing production efficiency, reducing downtime, and eliminating buildup and most web defects.

Are you a critical supplier during these trying times?

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