American Roller is the industry-leading provider of engineered roller coatings and coverings. Our innovative solutions address critical roll positions within the tissue towel converting industry. Arcomax CoPly and our leading Plasma Coating Systems were engineered to solve even the toughest problems faced by manufacturers in tissue towel converting.

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Embossing & Laminating Components

Arcomax CoPly is American Roller’s newest generation, softcover product line, that was engineered for maximum performance in tissue towel converting lines. These soft covers were designed with critical embossing and laminating roll positions in mind, resulting in high durability and optimal speed leading to maximum performance.

Embossing & Laminating for Tissue Towel Converters
Embossing & Laminating

Secondary Embossing Roll Position for Tissue Towel Converters
Secondary Embossing

  • Common Roll Positions & Recommended Products:
    • Glue Applicator
    • Pressure Nip
    • Marrying Nip
    • Embossing Backing Nip
  • Arcomax CoPly Series Provides
    • Maximum Wear Characteristics
    • Maximum Adhesive Compatibility
    • Extended Surface Profile Life
    • Increased Footprint (Flexibility)
    • Controlled, Precision Build
    • Engineered, Calculated Wall Thickness

Rewind Section – Plasma Coating Solutions

In addition to the Arcomax CoPly series for the embossing and laminating components, American Roller also offers a premium selection of single and double layer Plasma Coatings for rewind sections in tissue towel converting. These advanced coating systems provide maximum sheet control and caliper retention.

Low COF Systems
Ideal for use in smooth, easy to clean, low traction roll positions.

  • Recommended Products:
    • PC-300 Series
    • PC-28000 Series

High COF Systems
Ideal for use in high traction roll positions. Our on-site application service is also available with these series.

  • Recommended Products:
    • PC-400 Series
    • PC-900 Series
    • PC-11000 Series
    • Escort DS Series
Rewind Station for Tissue Towel Converters
Rewind Station

Common Roll Positions & Recommended Products:
While your recommended product may differ, these are the coating solutions we typically see tissue towel converters using across common roll positions in the rewind section.

  • Roll Positions
    • Infeed Draw Rollers: PC415, PC436, PC936, Escort DS320
    • Rider Rollers (Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Bases): PC936, PC11036
    • Outfeed Draw Rollers: PC11036, PC12036, Escort DS320
    • Main Winding Drums: PC11036, PC12036, Escort DS320
    • Tail Sealer Roll Positions: PC315, PC28015

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