Our compounds can stand up to the harsh environmental operating conditions where roller applications include guide, wire return, couch, press, felt and wringer roll positions. Higher durometers extend wear ability and roller life expectancy and can be manufactured in multi-layer durometers for special properties.

Roller Positions and Benefits

Improve Embossing and Laminating stations by increasing speeds, reducing static and material build up.  Solutions include conductive rubber and urethane solutions.    Our solutions reduce web breaks associated with these typical problems.

Applicator Roller – Arcomax and Limitstat series – higher speed and pressure with a longer life span
Marrying Roller – Arcomax series
Pressure Roller – Arcomax series

Dancer Roller
Drive Roller
Embossing Back Up Roller
Lightweight Idler Roller
Pull Roller
Web Separator Roller (bowed roller)
Wrinkle Eliminating Roller