We develop and apply application specific engineered coatings designed to withstand the harsh environments and vigorous demands of the oil and gas industries.

Such applications as:

Valves ball and gate for flow control and pressure control
Mandrels for drilling equipment
Hydraulic Pistons
Tensioner Rods
Drill bits
Tool joints
Power tongs
Power Tong Jaws
Bearing surfaces
Cylinders for Natural Gas Cylinders or liners
Solvent Extraction Units
Hydro cracker Reactors
High Pressure Separator Vessels
Sulfur Condenser Head
Reformer Valve Stems
Gate Valve Faces and Seals
Actuator Shafts
Mud Drill Rotors
Down Hole Mandrels
Pump components
Sucker Rods
Slush pump piston rods
Mud Pump Rotors
Pump sleeves
Riser pins

Our technologies include the following processes:

Electric Arc Spray
Powder and Wire Combustion

Machining and Fabrication