We are the only roller manufacturer to offer a complete line of plasma coated and high durometer rubber and urethane rollers engineered for coil coating, hot dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, pickling and other metal manufacturing processes. We offer you high performance products that improve coating flow and lay down, resulting in a high quality finish. Our coverings are designed to offer increased service life, fewer roller changes and minimal maintenance when compared to other alternatives.

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Endural materials offer excellent cut, ozone and abrasion resistance and will not degrade when subjected to mill oils or corrosive materials. In addition, an anti-dent hardcoat Endural covering is available that outperforms chrome plated transfer rolls.

Whatever your application or processing environment, there is an Endural covering to meet your specific need.

AD Series: Ceramic anti-dent roller is recommended for turn and tower roll positions, carry and transport roll positions and coater back-up drum rolls. Endural AD can operate at temperatures in excess of 600�F and can achieve surface finishes from 8-250 Ra.

UL Series: For snubber and pinch roll positions where the covering contacts mill oils prior to cleaning.

UA Series: Recommended for drive or bridle rollers in steel and aluminum processing lines after the cleaning sections.

RD Series: Can be used near ovens or hot cleaning sections on metal processing lines or in the idler, turn, carry, accumulator, deflector or bridle roll positions.

RK Series: Cost effective RK provides good oil resistance and is recommended in snubber and pinch positions where the covering contacts mill oil prior to cleaning.

RO Series: Provides excellent resistance to cuts and to oil. Recommended for idler, turn, accumulator and deflector roll positions on continuous metal processing lines.

Arcothane rollers are tough enough to withstand swelling and attack from solvents and coating chemicals to provide longer service life and reduced roller related downtime. When consistency and uniformity are on the line, no other roller out performs Arcothane.

Protran rollers provide longer service life than matte chrome or steel and can accommodate the most stringent applications. They provide excellent wear resistance, are very abrasion resistant and are available in a wide range of surface finishes.

AT Series: Recommended choice for pick-up or transfer rollers in direct and reverse roll coating applications requiring thinner film thicknesses. The 63 Rockwell C AT130 can achieve surface finishes from 12-500 Ra. The AT230 has an anti-dent layer that resists impact to provide even longer service life.

BT Series: General purpose pick-up or transfer roller for direct and reverse roll coating applications. Provides very good abrasion resistance. The BT Series has a hardness of 50 Rockwell C and can achieve surface finishes in the 150-250 Ra range.

CT Series: The premium product in the Protran line. These 72 Rockwell C rollers provide superior abrasion resistance and are recommended for pick-up or transfer rollers in direct and reverse roll coating applications requiring improved durability. The

CT130 can be finished from 125-500 Ra. The CT135 can be finished from 4-125 Ra. The CT235 has an anti-dent layer and surface finishes range from 8-125 Ra.

Tufex rollers offer a minimal transfer of solution between cleaning sections, even under extremely acidic and caustic conditions.

CA Series: Will withstand cutting and tearing, as well as chemical attack from acids and oils. Excellent abrasion resistance and coefficient of friction provide increased roll life and reduced downtime.

CB Series: Offers excellent resistance to acids, caustics and ozone.

CE Series: Excellent physical properties and ozone resistance makes CE the perfect choice for most mid-range pH level squeegee environments.

CI Series: Non-marking covering effectively resists oil, cutting, tearing and abrasion. Can be used interchangeably between cleaning, rinse and treatment stations on most continuous metal processing lines.

CP Series: Excellent oil, cut, tear and abrasion resistance make these rollers ideal for pre-cleaning, chemical wash and rinse tanks.