Thermalon Electrically Heated Rollers

Thermalon rolls deliver quicker warm-up times and rapid temperature recovery with lower energy consumption while significantly boosting productivity through reduced maintenance downtime and improved temperature control. Because of the standard core construction, Thermalon can be easily retrofit to replace existing liquid systems.

Why Thermalon?

  • Uniform surface temperature.
  • Higher maximum temperature compared to hot oil systems.
  • 50-100% line speed increases with no impact to product quality.
  • Increased safety due to no hot fluid leads, rotary unions, or piping
  • Integrates into PLC’s and other controls. (standalone controls available)
  • Custom rotary connectors for easy machine fitment

Low Maintenance Steps

  • Replace slip ring brushes (occasionally)
  • Replace RTD sensors (occasionally)
  • Replace heaters (rare)
  • Replace roller cover (occasionally)
Thermalon Roller with Actual Temperature Profile


Lamination • Preheating • Annealing • Drying • Web Orienting • Calendaring • Thermal Bonding • Point Bonding • Embossing • Coating

Covering Options

Bare • Chrome • Hardcoats • Ceramics • Rubber • Plasma Coatings • Hardened • Engraved • Pattern

Thermalon Capabilities

Outside Diameter


Web Path Temperature Uniformity
+/- 2°F (+/- 1°C)

Maximum Roller Temperature

Set Point Accuracy
+/- 2°F (+/- 1°C)

Set Point Change
Quick change via control system

Warm-up Time
8°F/min. (75 min. to 600°F) max temperature

120-573 VAC (1 or 3 phase)

Thermalon vs. Hot Oil Systems

ThermalonHot Oil Systems
Maintenance DowntimeLowHigh
Web Path Temperature UniformityHigh UniformityVariable
Web Path Temperature DegradationLowHigh
Maximum TemperatureHighHigh
Set Point AccuracyHighVariable
Set Point ModificationEasyDifficult
Max Temp Warm-up Time75 Minutes2+ Hours
Temperature StabilizationEasyDifficult
Total Cost of OwnershipLowHigh
Safety HazardsLowHigh
Piping & PumpsNoneYes

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