DuraShell™ and EquaTherm® Chill Roll Technology


American Roller’s DuraShell™ and EquaTherm® Chill roll and heat transfer product lines use superior technology for a variety of applications.

We are standing by to assist in the engineering of your heat transfer and chill rolls, fully equipped to assist in heat transfer calculations as it relates to loads, speeds and desired temperatures.


  • Ideal for Sheet Extrusion Applications
  • High Loads of up to 15 PLI/2100 N/cm
  • Shrink-Fit Metal Spiral Interface
  • Hard roll surface of 52 Rc


  • Ideal for Cast Film, Co-Extrusion, Coating and Laminating, and Printing Applications
  • Nip Loads up to 350 N/cm
  • Diameters from 150mm to 1.52 meters
  • ASME certification available

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