American Roller Solutions for the Tire and Rubber Industry

Plasma Coatings from American Roller are widely utilized within the Tire and Rubber Industry to mitigate sticking, wear, buildup, and many other issues. Our unique, dual-layer Plasma Coating technology has significant longevity gains when compared to single-layer (polymer-only) coatings and can often replace consumables like mold release agents.

Dual-Coating Diagram
Benefits of Dual-Layer Plasma Coatings
  • Can be applied to metal, polymer, and composite substrates (flat, cylindrical, etc…)
  • Eliminate buildup and contamination
  • Reduce maintenance downtime due to less cleaning and fewer repairs
  • Excellent release properties vs. green rubber, adhesives, and many other materials
  • Significantly increased service life vs. single layer (polymer-only) release coatings

High vs. Low CoF in the Tire & Rubber Industry

The two coating systems that are the foundation to all plasma coatings. View our in depth comparison here.

High CoF Release Coatings (non-stick)

  • Tension control
  • Web handling
  • Provides traction and release
  • Flatten and remove wrinkles
  • Excellent release over green rubber
  • Mitigate costly wrap-ups
Low CoF Release Coatings (easy clean)

  • Great in tire molds for easy cleaning
  • Lower RA surfaces
  • Smooth feel, maximum surface area

Common Tire & Rubber Industry Application Surfaces

  • Air Drum Rings
  • Air Rim Flanges
  • Anvil Rolls
  • Bagwells
  • Bead Filler Tooling
  • Bead Rings
  • Blow Plates
  • Centering Devices
  • Chafer Guides
  • Clamp Bars
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Crease Wheels
  • Cutter Table Plates
  • Doors
  • Drive Rollers
  • Flange Segments
  • Floating Weight
  • Gap Shields
  • Guide Rolls
  • Jaws
  • Labeler Arms
  • Lay-On Rolls
  • Let Off Festoon Rolls
  • Molds
  • Pleater Rolls
  • Press Rolls
  • Pull Rolls
  • Ribbon Plates
  • Shells
  • Slats (Drum Segments)
  • Spacers
  • Splicer Bars
  • Tables
  • Top & Bottom Grinder Rims
  • Tread Guide Rails
  • Unwind Rolls
  • Vacuum Bars
  • Wire Belts
  • and many more…

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