We work with a wide range of customers who manufacture paper, film and foil packaging used as a container and barrier for food, medical and pharmaceutical.  Our customers produce products such as:

  1. Bags – snack food, bread, garbage, shopping
  2. Wraps – gift, meat
  3. Liners – box, barrels, industrial, engineering plastics
  4. Aseptic Containers- juice boxes, milk, condiments

Within flexible packaging there are a wide range of converting processes:

We tackle a wide variety of roll positions in the flexible packaging industry:

Roller Positions

Bag Making Pull Roller
Coating Roller
Corona Treating Roller
Cushioned Feed Roller
Dancer Roller
Drive Roller
ESA Impression Roller Expandable sleeves
Impression Roller
Ink Fountain Roller
Laminating Roller
Lightweight Idler Roller
Metering Roller
Pull Roller Sealing Roller
Splicing Bump Roller
Tower Nip Roller
Winding Lay On Roller
Web Separator Roller (bowed roller)
Wrinkle Eliminating Roller

We have been the industry leader in the custom application of specialty surface materials.   We have led the Converting and Packaging Industry with our extensive line of over 50 coatings and coverings designed to solve an array of problems such as:

•Adhesive or product build-up
Web tracking
Tension problems

Our coatings and coverings can be applied to most substrates with a Rockwell C of 50 or less that include:

•Cast Iron
•Steel (including stainless)
•Carbon Fiber