Arcotherm Series

Endural materials offer excellent cut, ozone and abrasion resistance and will not degrade when subjected to mill oils or corrosive materials.


“We manufacture some of the most advanced ceramic, metallic, polymer, and other specialty hard coats to help companies in coating and laminating, electronics, packaging, film extrusion, corrugated, graphic arts, and a variety of other industries to improve performance, increase productivity, and cut costs. The company’s coating specialists can assess your specific needs and recommend the best surface coating material.

See data sheet on TK400 – to 1 RA

See data sheet on TH200 – to 8 RA

See data sheet on TC100 – to 4 RA

Production Increase
Consistency and control allow high performance and faster line speeds, for greater production
Anti-dent and Anti-corrosion treatments mean less down time for maintenance and change over, for increased production

Improved Product Quality
Coatings allow superior dimensional and surface finish tolerances giving you better quality and less scrap
Graphic Arts customers will see greater wet ability that provides an even spread of inks or fountain solution, for superior quality printing
Dent and wear resistance mean better products, with less scrap
Oxidation and corrosion resistance helps maintain coating integrity for consistent product quality

Reduced Costs
Abrasion, scratch, and cut resistance means fewer replacements – cutting cost and maintenance down time for change over
Coatings stand up to harsh environments and are electrically conductive to help dissipate static, contributing to a safer work environment
Ceramic coatings can last up to 10 times longer than non-ceramic coatings, saving you significant replacement dollars”


In addition, an anti-dent hard coat Endural covering is available that outperforms chrome plated transfer rolls.

Best Used For

Application for heat transfer rolls and chill rolls. These coatings stand up to harsh environments and are electrically conductive to help dissipate static, contributing to a safer work environment.

Customer Service

Gold Service Contracts

We developed the Gold Service Program to improve customer service, communication, processing time, and order turn around.

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Local Technical Sales

Our technical sales team coupled with our customer service organization equip us to be ready to handle your challenges.

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Program Management

Our corporate procurement, engineering and sales professional team have demonstrated success in taking over large, complex outsourcing initiatives.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is one of the various services that we offer. Our quality department and process is ISO 9001 compliant and in some plants certified.

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TK400; TH200; TC100