The industry leader and standard for a complete product line of corona treater coverings.


Arcotron roller coverings offer your rollers an excellent service life. These coverings are available in a wide variety of surface finishes and materials.

Available Arcotron roller coverings:

  • RS100: The non-stick silicone elastomer covering on the RS100 releases tacky materials that can cause wrap-ups.
  • RH200: This economical CSM Elastomer covering provides good chemical resistance and resists cuts and abrasion.
  • BR600: A conductive ceramic covering for bare roll applications to prevent surface oxidation and knife cuts to aluminum rollers.
  • CL500: A general-purpose ceramic covering that is recommended for all corona treater applications.
  • CL510: A general-purpose ceramic covering that is recommended for all corona treater applications when using aluminum roller cores.
  • CL550: A ceramic covering offering high dielectric strength for use in harsh corona treating applications like skip treating.
  • CL800: A ceramic covering offering extremely high dielectric strength and high-temperature capability for the harshest corona treater applications.


Arcotron specialty rollers comes in eight (8) specific solutions for use in elastomer, epoxy, and ceramic treater applications. With 100% corona treater testing prior to shipment, you are ensured the highest quality and longest lasting treater roll with the strongest warranty on the market.

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Corona Treater applications

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