Chrome Plus +

Chrome Plus is a environmentally friendly carbide coating replacement for Chrome. With equivalent price, performance, surface finish and thermal transfer properties.


Chrome Plus is an extremely durable composite coating that substantially extends the life of surfaces, while providing top quality mirror finishes and tolerances. The superior, based metal matrix coating gives excellent abrasion resistance and extremely long life compared to traditional chrome plating. American Roller Company’s state-of-the-art super finishing methods produce a mirror surface, resulting in excellent appearance, gloss, and reflectivity.

Recommended Use

  • In place of traditional chrome for Chill Rolls and other various roller positions.
  • Versatile; can meet a variety of application needs where traditional chrome is used.

Features and Benefits

  • More scuff and scratch resistant than chrome
  • Uniform finish options down to near mirror
  • As hard or harder than chrome
  • Comparable thermal transfer rate to chrome.
  • Longer service life over traditional chrome.
  • Reduces downtime due to less service work.
  • Precision finish for outstanding quality.
  • Resistant to most acids, alkalis, and chemicals.
  • Uses safe thermal spray composite application technologies, eliminating the need for hazardous chemical baths.


  • Hardness: 68 Rockwell C
  • Coating Thickness: 0.010”-0.012”
  • Surface Finish Range: <1 Ra to 150 Ra micro-inches
  • Taper: 0.0005”
  • Diameter Tolerance: ±0.005” standard; ±0.001” available
  • TIR: 0.0005”

Additional Information:

Chrome Plus Product Sheet

DuraShell™ Chill and Heat Transfer Roll

EquaTherm® Chill and Heat Transfer Roll




Green replacement for Chrome. A scratch resistant and repair capable coating for use in a wide variety of applications.

Best Used For

Heat transfer and chill rolls and other metals surfaces.

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