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  • 5 Axis machining B

    5-Axis Machining

    One of the services we offer is 5-axis machining of parts. This service is when our CNC machine is needed …

  • ribbon mixer


    In providing turnkey solutions to our customers, we are often asked to also provide fabrication and assembly services associated with …

  • Precision Balancing


    Two plane and 3 plane balancing is a common request performed in several of our facilities. ¬†Detailed balance reports are provided …

  • Sleeving and Re-boring


    Broaching is one of the various services that we offer. Broaching is a machining process that uses a toothed tool ¬†…

  • edm


    CNC EDM is a machining technology we’re capable of providing as part of our machining and grinding services. Electrical discharge …

  • adding grooves in roller

    CNC Lathes

    The utilization of CNC lathes are one of the various machining services that we offer.

  • PCH Milling 2

    CNC Milling

    The utilization of CNC milling is one of the various maching services that we offer.

  • machine equipment 1

    CNC Vertical Mills

    CNC vertical mills are a machining technology we’re capable of providing as part of our machining and grinding services.

  • Gears


    Fabrication allows us to leverage our machining, welding and coatings technologies to provide customers with turn-key soutions. Our small and …

  • tight tolerance

    Laser Profiling

    Laser profiling uses laser beams to scan the inside and outside of tubes or rollers to determine different measurements and …

  • Machined Crowns

    Machined Crowns

    Roller crowning is intended to ensure proper web alignment and helps minimize the effects of deflection. Materials include several types …

  • DSC_0887

    Manual Lathes

    Our manual lathes are used in manufacturing a wide variety of parts in conjunction with our CNC machining capabilities across …

  • 5i Clad station 2 (1)

    MIG Welding

    Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), sometimes referred to by its subtypes metal inert gas (MIG) welding or metal active gas (…

  • Machine Design

    Special Machining

    Special machining is the process that changes the shape, surface finish, or mechanical properties of a material. We also offer …

  • Transmission part seal area


    We provide splining services where we machine grooves, ridges, or teeth in a shaft or cylindrical part.

Showing all 15 results