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  • Millennium


    ARCOFLEX rollers are premium elastomeric ink fountain rollers for flexographic printing applications, particularly corrugated. It is a good choice for …

  • Arcolon


    Arcolon rollers’ characteristics allow them to operate with reduced running temperatures and can help reduce hysteresis failures that lead to …

  • Performa HDE


    ARCOMAX is the name for our all-encompassing polymer family of rollers.  We provide standard compounds as well as blended and …

  • Millennium


    Arcostat rollers obtain proper ink transfer, set the web tension between units and propel the web through the press. Whatever …

  • Astronip


    Our Astronip coverings are extremely durable coverings, and are available in a wide range of durometers. They stand up to …

  • Excelnip

    Excelnip HR

    Our Excelnip HR rollers are high-release elastomeric nip rollers for use in cast extrusion and coating applications. It provides the …

  • Excelnip

    Excelnip II

    Our excel nip II rollers are extruder nip silicone rollers used in water bath applications. They use a proprietary bond …

  • Excelnip

    Excelnip Standard/ TC (Thermally Conductive)

    Our Excelnip rollers are extremely durable nip rollers for use in the most demanding cast extrusion and embossing applications. They …

  • Millennium


    Flexrite is a very durable and highly effective elastomeric covering, specially formulated for feed rollers. They were developed primarily for …

  • gold service programs

    Gold Service Contracts

    We developed the Gold Service Program to improve customer service, communication, processing time, and order turn around. The program is …

  • Endural


    LIMISTAT is a series of electrically conductive rubber covered rollers designed to aid in dissipating static produced by webs.

  • Millennium


    Niprite is a high performance nip roller covering, designed to combine the performance properties typically seen with silicone and EPDM. …

  • rollcrop


    Tufex rollers offer a minimal transfer of solution between cleaning sections, even under extremely acidic and caustic conditions.

    CA …

  • Unibond (1)


    Unibond rollers have excellent physical properties which provide longer service life and less downtime. Whatever the requirements, there is a …

  • Millennium

    Vinylar AV

    Vinylar AV coverings have specially formulated plasticizers which resist hardening and help to maintain dimensional stability, which minimizes resetting, and …

  • Endural (1)


    Voltar rollers are high performance rollers designed to obtain proper ink transfer, set the web tension between units and propel …

Showing all 16 results